Inteli-Tasks Module

tasks completed on time and without errors and omissions

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Inteli-Tasks manages simple and multi-step tasks with built-in:

  • managerial monitoring
  • complete delegation
  • follow- up coordination.
  • email and text notifications

Forgotten and delayed tasks are a thing of the past

Inteli-Task’s activity tracker continuously scans all tasks that are scheduled and underway to make sure no task is forgotten. Alerts notify individual users and/or team members when tasks are late getting started, positioning managers to better manage the risk of missing a landmark. If a task is assigned but not started on time, Inteli-Task’s delegation manager ensures the proper individuals are assigned to take over any given task and ensure it is completed on time.

Inteli-Tasks provides a complete picture of each task, in one quick glance showing:

  • highlights of the tasks
  • tracking of all material and non-material exceptions
  • attachments and other documentation
  • related laws
  • risks
  • policies, and procedures

Productivity Monitoring

Inteli-Tasks gives managers a complete view of their team’s activities – be it compliance, legal, research, or any task-related group within your organization. Statistics instantly show what tasks are on schedule, which team members are the most productive, and where problems are developing.


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