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Best-in-Class Peer Network

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Your community spans 85 countries, public and private sectors, and every industry that interacts with global financial systems. Connect with the people who make a difference, worldwide.

You receive preferential pricing for every event and training course with IMDDA. Access to all of your IMDDA courses is included with the your PLUS membership.

You get convenient, affordable, comprehensive, world-class Financial courses that are practical, not theoretical. 100% online, learn at your own pace on your own schedule.

You will have access to hours of on-demand content on the most relevant and pertinent subjects in real-world finance. You get exclusive access to this valuable online content.

Knowledge, especially in finance, sets people apart.
Advance your knowledge, skills and network
and gain the advantage.

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You get High Level, High Quality Training

"Fantastic work on the educational videos! This is not an easy thing to accomplish since it's actual practice vs. math equations and you provided a wealth of content that is very granular. Targeting real items like this is truly valuable; your focus is exactly what this industry has been missing."


- Director of Operations
Corporate Investment Office

You can join the thousands of professionals who have taken IMDDA courses

“It is a great balance of big picture coverage and practical applications.
I love the format.”- University of Oregon Foundation

The IMDDA is your association and the only community for finance professionals from all disciplines.

And it’s packed with the most up-to-date information and professional development, resources, tools and on-demand training just for you.

PLUS the community provides the support you need to ensure you achieve your full potential.

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One class can

You can take IMDDA classes asynchronously, allowing you to control when, where, how and how often you engage with the material.

You can access ALL courses and classes for a year and for less than the cost to attend a single conference

Supporting your online learning journey...

Your Training Courses are available to study online via the IMDDA's dynamic online learning environment.

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You can access to HD video lectures with accompanying downloadable program material.

Access resources to help with studies, including self-directed practical exercises and recommended reading.

A Program Manager is available to support you during your studies and assist you with any questions.

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You can access to discussion forums to interact with and learn from fellow colleagues to progress through the program material.

Your Class Network contains information on class exams. Each class exam must be passed to achieve certification for the class subject.

Your Class Network can be accessed 24/7 through a desktop or mobile device.

"Someone else has already experienced your problem – here you can get access to them, get answers, get solutions.”

Your IMDDA Membership gives you access to information by making you part of an amazingly supportive global online community!

The IMDDA Forum is your community that connects you with other financial professionals. The Forum lets you engage with the incredible IMDDA faculty and industry professionals from around the globe, with a strong focus on peer-to-peer learning to allow you to be more successful.

When you become a member of the IMDDA, no matter where you are on your journey in your career, you’ll be able to connect with, get direct help from, and obtain feedback, motivation and support to be more successful in your career.

Never before have real-world finance professionals worldwide, like you, had such an incredible opportunity to engage with each other with such ease.


LIVE Monthly Seminars

When you become a member you’re going to get access to an ongoing live-stream of seminars brought to you experts of the financial world. This is the first time participants in the global financial markets have had the opportunity to study with a global faculty, from the comfort of their office.  The IMDDA provides you with tools you need to be the best you can be.



Finance skills for the real world. Less theory, more practice.

Benefits for you


IMDDA has the most robust and well - rounded membership platform in the industry, offering members exclusive and convenient access to a multitude of benefits

Webinar Subscription

24times a year, IMDDA gives you a new webinar presented by a leading authority in the world of finance. Premium webinars are included with Plus Membership.

Archived webinars are categorized and housed in the IMDDA resource library for easy reference


Customized Training

To provide you a personalized learning experience, customized training allows IMDDA's corporate clients to work with the IMDDA and instructors to create a technical or commercially focused course.

Corporate Members receive a discount for this service.


Live In-House / Virtual Training

You can step into a live class from anywhere in the world. Exactly like a class, at set times and with an expert instructor.

Corporate Members receive a discount live/virtual training.


White Papers, Articles, Case Studies and Speaker Presentations

You can hone your knowledge of regulatory insights, industry news and trends, and key topics by some of the industry's leading experts.



Meeting other finance professionals has never been easier.


Discussion Forum

IMDDA’s online forum gives you access to subject matter experts, Peer Feedback and the ability to share experiences working with particular investment managers.



You get exclusive rates on events and tools for detailed information and efficiency

Background Checks - AI and machine learning-driven to speed up, run more thorough checks and economically monitor managers

Ratings - gives insights into high-risk business conditions at SEC Registered Managers that have been the subject of enforcement actions


Benchmarking and Research

You have access to survey tools that provide valuable data and allow you to benchmark yourself against peers and gain valuable insight into industry trends and best practices.

PLUS level membership
provides Unlimited Access
to All Training courses

Access anytime, anywhere

You can Access all subjects
Do you need to keep up with the latest issues within your field, interested in another, or just curious? Our catalog of courses is designed for you to quickly access a specific topic with a simple search.

You get an unlimited number of views
Use our course content as a reference tool. It is available as you need it, allowing greater flexibility for you to complete your professional development and learning.

Standard Membership


  • Discounts on IMDDA courses
  • Access to our extensive webinar library
  • Access to the Peer Network on the Discussion Forum
  • All White Papers, Articles and Research
  • All member-only discounts
  • Discounts on Premium Webinars

Membership Plus

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  • Discount on the CDDA certification Exam
  • Access to our extensive webinar library
  • Access to the Peer Network on the Discussion Forum
  • All White Papers, Articles and Research
  • All member-only discounts
  • Access to ALL Premium Webinars

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