License & Renewal Module

manage your renewal and cancellation windows for all third-party services

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The L&R module manages all aspects of the ongoing usage of third-party services that were approved by your firm. Directly connected to the underlying approval and compliance activities needed to onboard:

  • a new broker
  • research firm
  • vendor

L&R gives managers the tools they require to ensure each service your firm subscribes to is being used and renewed only where they provide the greatest benefit. Conveniently manage your renewal and cancellation windows for all third-party services in one cloud-based portal.

Single View Across All Vendors and Services

L&R contains all the information needed to interact with each new third-party relationship. It directly connects to the due diligence, interview, and approvals in the DDQ module and lets you collect the additional information needed to properly evaluate each new vendor or broker.

Payment instructions, 28(e) and MiFID II eligibility controls, and associated documentation is all available at the click of a mouse. The fear and risk of accidental renewals is eliminated through the tracking and surveying of all users of a service, coupled with automated alerts when it’s time to decide if the value of a given broker or vendor justifies renewal.

MiFID II Ready

US based firms have long been involved in the licensing, reviews, and eligibility issues revolving around the use of CSA arrangements. Many of those firms are now looking at the requirements that Europe’s ESMA is asking for through MiFID II.

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