Telescope Module

collects and updates DDQs so you don’t have to!

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IMDDA’s Telescope module streamlines the due diligence of brokers, third party research providers, market data providers, and general vendors. Telescope’s database is populated with over 2,000 completed due diligence responses, making it easier to onboard new providers and monitor current ones.

Alerts, Reviews, and Approvals

  • Telescope manages all logistics to contact each firm, collects responses and requests regular updates.
  • Telescope instantly notifies you when responders change answers to questions.
  • Telescope ensures best practices around reviews, checklist completion, and multi-group approvals. As changes occur, Telescope sends out alerts to shorten your reaction time.


Telescope’s Risk Scoring alerts you to higher risk third party firms.

IMDDA houses a wide array of questionnaires – all of which can be augmented with your own custom questions. Examples include:

  • research brokers
  • expert networks
  • trading counterparties
  • cyber/DR/BCP
  • general vendors and professional services
  • KYC and KYV
  • distributors
  • sub-advisors
  • political consultants
  • sector and regional specialists

Of course, new questionnaires may also be created as needed.

Vendor Logistics

Telescope manages all logistics to contact each firm, collect responses and request regular updates.

Vendor approval workflow is intelligently built into Telescope, with email notifications for appropriate team members as counterparties move through your specific approval process.

License Management

Telescope adds centralized budgeting, renewal and cancellation alerts, and user administration, making for an even more focused one-stop solution and helping to save thousands of dollars annually by avoiding unintended renewals of third party services.

IMDDA Telescope is web-based and operates on a 24/7 basis with no IT overhead.

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