Gifts & Entertainment Module

tracks all requests, approvals, and reporting for gifts and entertainment across your entire organization.

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Individual Gifts & Entertainment requests can be submitted through any browser to your manager or compliance team for rapid review and feedback.

Centralized & Streamlined Approvals

G&E gives managers a consolidated view of all gifts, entertainment, and hospitality requests that have been submitted, reviewed, approved, and rejected. Reviews can be performed by one or more managers dependent on the specific approval rules and hierarchies in place.

Summary reporting is available by individual, client, prospect, industry, status (etc.) and you can drill down to view the details of each request, supporting documentation, and expense reports without having to switch systems or waste time digging through an accounting system.

G&E Rules Management

Rules can be put in place that guides the approval process more smoothly than paper-based documents. Every individual can be assigned different approval levels, as can each client, or prospect. IMDDA’s G&E system presents the approval rules and review history to the individual’s manager directly in the approval screen to shorten the time and effort involved in each approval.

If a manager is unavailable, another manager can take over immediately, without delays or wasted time. When a request is entered into the system, users can see who is available to complete the request, avoiding wasted time.

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