Policy & Procedure Module

Intelligent Policy and Procedure Relationships & Tracking

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The Policy & Procedure module is a central portal for keeping this critical information up-to-date, tracking versions over time, and ensuring that tasks are properly linked for compliance reporting and follow-up.

Policies and procedures include:

  • overall summaries of each critical area
  • followed by the text of each section
  • optional digests for quick reviews
  • links to external resources
  • laws and risks addressed
  • and drill-down lists of the tasks that support each of them

The Policy and Procedure module simplifies the interrelationships between different policies, procedures and tasks. Rather than having to look through different reports or databases, the P&P allows you to easily follow links from one section to another, reducing time and resources needed for research and reviews.

Integrated Tasks

The Inteli-Tasks module is directly linked to the Policy and Procedure module to easily connect all ad-hoc and repetitive tasks to the policies and procedures that they support. Managers and team members can easily see the policy or policies associated with a task and then, with a quick click, read the procedures required to complete the task. Sample summaries and work product reports are available to help guide the person assigned to the task to make sure that the output covers all facets required by the associated policy or procedure.

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