Truth Analysis 

13 Lessons (2h:25m)

Accessible whenever you need it, this online program delivers the best tools available to enable you to read and understand others, and make critical judgments based on their verbal and non-verbal behavior. The course explores the multiple channels of communication using the scientifically validated ‘Six Channel Analysis System’ (SCANS™) – A comprehensive toolkit for analyzing and interpreting sophisticated behavioral cues:

  • Facial Expressions
  • Body Language
  • Voice
  • Interactional Style
  • Verbal Content
  • Psychophysiology.

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Your instructor

Cliff Lansley PhD
Emotional Intelligence Academy Ltd

Cliff Headshot

Specialist in: Truth/Deception Detection, Casual Conversation and Questioning Strategies Consultancy for high stake truth detection

  • Consultancy and related services for emotional intelligence and high stake deception detection contexts (including military/commercial /intelligence/ security/fraud/police).
  • Behavior Consultant/Advisor to BBC/Channel 5/Discovery Channel/Discovery+(“Faking it”
  • Behavioral Analysis Expert to ITVs “The Lying Game – Crimes that Fooled Britain”.
  • ‘Face and Emotions’ Channel 4 – UK.
  • Author: Getting to the Truth
  • Deception and Industrial Espionage on HR-TV, Russia.
  • Keynote/Speaker/Trainer/Consultant for ACFE, ABRESCE, SRI, AvSec(Rom), ICF, ICC, ASTD(ATD), CIPD, Euro Air Marshalls, GM Police, DSI(UK), Law Society, International Bar Association, Euro Chamber of Commerce, plus multiple corporate/agency conferences globally.
  • Supporting professional and educational research and curriculum development up to Masters/PhD level in the fields of forensic emotional intelligence and truth/lie detection.
  • PhD and MSc Programme Supervisor/Tutor – Manchester Met University.