Unlimited access to courses, classes and certifications.

This is what your team needs to grow and succeed.

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Available to all employees

Retain top talent with continuous development. Employees will feel appreciated by gaining easy access to the current catalog of training courses AND courses that are released regularly. 

Access to all subjects

Access to a wide variety of subjects gives your employees the necessary depth and breadth of knowledge to understand your organization's complete needs, the needs of colleagues in different departments and for their own growth.

All Skill Levels

From post-graduate to prep courses, IMDDA’s finance courses are for new hires or experienced staff and includes courses for both non-financial managers and financial professionals.

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24/7 Access

Receive unlimited access to our full catalog of webinars, workshops courses and classes —hundreds of hours of training to upskill every member of your team, regardless of their timezone.

Maximize your Budget

For less than the cost of sending a single employee on a single training course, you can educate them for a year. Access is not per person, not per class, and with one renewal date makes it easier to budget and easier on the budget.


Every membership stays with the company. So regardless of who occupies a role, from the C-suite to interns, you can offer them a valuable professional association membership.

The IMDDA sets the standard in education for the institutional finance community. We have educated professionals around the world to
best practice standards.


“The IMDDA is a strong partner to help our executives and staff better understand and embrace concepts and practices throughout our organization.” - Pennsylvania School Employee Retirement System - PSERS

Download the Brochure

The brochure provides a great amount of detail. If you have questions please feel free to contact us. 

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