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"Fantastic work on the educational videos! This is not an easy thing to accomplish since it's actual practice vs. math equations and you provided a wealth of content that is very granular. Targeting real items like this is truly valuable; your focus is exactly what this industry has been missing."

- Director of Operations
Corporate Investment Office

Categories and Courses

Investment Types

Derivatives and Options
Structured Products
Capital Markets

Investment strategies

Long/short equity
Global macro
Emerging markets
Equity market/neutral
Convertible bond arbitrage
Managed futures
Fixed-income arbitrage
Sustainable Investing

Fund Due Diligence

Public Fund ODD
Private Fund IDD
Private Fund ODD
Public Fund IDD




Financial Statement Analysis
Tax / Audit

Financial Integrity

Bribery and Corruption
Testing and Auditing
Transaction Monitoring

Regulation and Compliance

Data Management & Governance
Regulatory Risk Reporting / Auditing
For Alternatives

Risk Management

Other types of Risk

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The Class Network contains information on class exams. Each class exam must be passed to achieve certification for the class subject.

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