The Reddit Effect – David vs. Goliath

A fantastic debate on the impact this will have on the industry.

It’s the small investors vs. the traditional institutions, and so far, the small investors are winning. Redditors want a revolution. They want to punish the establishment players, particularly to squeeze hedge funds who were short the stock, and make money doing it.

Is Reddit the stock market’s equivalent of Qanon, or are the chat board members simply having fun and making money?

This panel of experts will debate this and many more questions.

  • Are all the Redditors small investors?
  • Is the SEC going to get involved?
  • Is Reddit going to stop the chats? Should they?
  • Was Robinhood and TD right to restrict trading? Were they pressured, Manipulated?
  • There are two sides to every trade; who’s going to end up hurt?
  • Does this speculation mania signal a dangerous stock market bubble about to pop?

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