PE Portfolio Construction

Private Equity Portfolio Construction: Diversification Across Investor Objectives, Investment Types, Strategies and Execution

Presenter:  Robin Clifford – Strategic Advisory Board, BharCap Partners ; Senior Investment Officer, New Jersey Division of Investment

Presentation Description:  The presenter will cover the basics of Private equity Portfolio Construction from a limited partner’s perspective and will touch briefly on Asset Allocation as well.

Presentation Objectives

Gain an understanding how different asset classes, funds and weightings impact each other, their performance and risk, and how decisions work in unison.

Discusses diversification and differences across investment types, strategies, geographies and vintage years as well as cash flows and risk reward in portfolio construction. 

Reviews common issues across an organizations goals and objectives as well as execution types. 

Audience: Particularly of interest to staff at both institutional limited partners and sophisticated HNW investors. Also has applicability to staff at service providers and junior staff at fund managers interested in limited partner viewpoints.

Level: Beginner

Course Information

Estimated Time: 40 minutes

Difficulty: Beginner


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