General Partner Stakes Investing

Presenter:  Weston Wilkinson – Senior Vice President & Head of Investments, Azimut Alternative Capital Partners ( Presentation Description:  The presentation will provide viewers with an overview of GP Staking using the following outline:
  1. Introduction to GP Staking
  2. History of GP Staking
  3. Overview of GP Economics (How Do GPs Make Money?)
  4. GP Rationale for Selling a Stake / Use of Proceeds
  5. Competitive Landscape
  6. Investment Structures Used by GP Staking Acquirers
  7. LP Views on GP Staking
  8. The Future of GP Staking
Presentation Objectives: Provide the historic backdrop in alternative asset management which has led to the rise of GP staking creating its own sub-asset class within alternatives. Contextualize how GPs generate revenue and earnings and the appeal of strategic and financial acquirers participating in GP stakes ownership. Review rationales for both selling GPs and GP staking acquirers; present viewers with a competitive landscape roadmap across both strategic and financial acquirers. Provide a brief overview of investment structures and key terms negotiated in GP staking transactions. Discuss various LP viewpoints on GP staking as an asset class, both as an investor in a GP staking fund and an investor in a GP that has sold a stake. Audience: Wide-ranging. Could include investment professionals interested in learning more about GP staking funds or considering the impact of a GP they have a relationship or investment in selling a stake. Could also include GPs who are contemplating selling a stake or agents/intermediaries who are seeing an uptick in transaction volume in this strategy.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 hour 03 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate


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Andrew Borowiec Andrew Borowiec Author

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