Executive Due Diligence Education

The IMDDA's curricula utilize an interactive training style so you are immersed in the subject matter through realistic simulations, documents, and case studies moving you beyond simple recall of knowledge to analysis, evaluation, and application … and it is just more fun.

Each class offers a renowned, practicing, speaker faculty, sharing real-world insight on critical topics like risk management, due diligence, and regulatory developments, plus guidance to address emerging challenges that investors face around the globe, giving you real-world knowledge.

Our small class size makes it really easy to facilitate discussion, brainstorming and for you to ask questions about your particular challenges ensuring you come away with the knowledge and information you need.

Each class has a diverse group of fellow attendees that will expand your network and be a source for answers to your future questions and ideas throughout your career.

The instructors take a consultative approach to teaching, each class has core content to ensure best practices are learned but leaves time for the instructor to cater to the challenges, issues, and experience of the attendees and make themselves available through the IMDDA forum for your questions beyond the class.

We encourage investors, fund managers, and service providers to attend these classes to ensure a more efficient and cost-effective due diligence process.

Fundamentals Certificates

Our Fundamentals Certificates provide participants the knowledge to develop the skill set needed to perform investment and operational due diligence. These Certificates are geared towards professionals who want to better understand the basic concepts and practices of due diligence.

Advanced Certificates

Masters level candidates should have a strong grasp of the subject matter before taking these programs. The Masters level series provides a deep dive, thorough, hands-on experience in specific areas of due diligence, allowing a participant to go back to their organization and put together a robust and rigorous process for due diligence.

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