Retain top talent through continuous development

In a world where change is constant, knowledge sets people and companies apart. We help your employees keep their knowledge and skills up to speed and accelerate their growth and development

Employees will feel appreciated by gaining access to training they wouldn’t have otherwise known about or sought out themselves.

Corporate and organizational memberships provide the tools your team needs to be more successful as well as learn and reinforce the skills they need to complete thorough due diligence. Membership offers direct access to resources, education, networking, and information. Your team will get an education solution that meets your organization’s needs today and in the future.

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Key Benefits of Enterprise Membership

We have the only training platform in the industry, offering corporate members exclusive and convenient access to over 100hrs of due diligence education.

Professional Designation – CDDA
The CDDA is the only professional designation focused solely on due diligence. It is accepted around the globe as an acknowledgment of one’s commitment to their craft. Our professional designation publicly endorsed and recommended by leading institutional investors and financial services firms around the world. Corporate Members receive significant discounts on exam costs, including preparatory material.

Web Resources
Members have individual access to a searchable library of exclusive Risk Resources, putting knowledge and thought leadership expertise at their fingertips.

White Papers, Articles, Case Studies, and Speaker Presentations
Corporate Members receive free access to our proprietary research and white papers. We also encourage members to provide or suggest topics for research.

Partner Publications and Software Tools
Corporate Members receive a discount on select industry-embraced, knowledge-based due diligence tools, including service provider databases and artificial intelligence-based background check services.

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