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CDDA Due Diligence Course

The classes within this course will provide the knowledge needed to conduct complete due diligence on any type of fund and includes all the resources needed to take the Chartered Due Diligence Analyst (CDDA) Exam in confidence.

Public Fund Operational Due Diligence - Hedge Funds, 40 act, UCITS and Insurance-linked Funds

Instructor - John Ward

Private Fund Investment Due Diligence - PE, VC, Private Debt & Credit, Real Assets, Infrastructure

Instructor - Kelly DePonte

Private Fund Operational Due Diligence - PE, VC, Private Debt & Credit, Real Assets, Infrastructure

Instructor - Vincent Molino

Public Fund Investment Due Diligence - Hedge Funds, 40 act, UCITS, Insurance-linked funds

Instructor - David Regan


$3,900 - includes all four classes, a one-year membership, and the CDDA exam registration fee.


Access and training for the entire firm. Discounts begin for a few as three members.

Questions? please contact Dan Strachman at Daniel@IMDDA.org

Direct class access

Private Fund IDD  -  Private Fund ODD  -  Public Fund IDD  -  Public Fund ODD

You can purchase all of the preparatory classes and the CDDA Exam at the discounted price of $3,900.

This also includes a one-year professional IMDDA Membership.

You will have LIFETIME access to the courses online, as long as your IMDDA membership remains active.

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