Transactional Intelligence

An insider’s perspective on intelligence methodologies and specifically how they apply to the investment arena, and how this is changing in the era of COVID-19. This will include topics such as:

  • What is transactional intelligence?
  • How is it different from other kinds of due diligence and research in terms of risk mitigation?
  • What role should intelligence play in the pre-transactional/due diligence and post-investment processes?
  • How does investment intelligence apply to:
    • institutional investors/asset owners and allocators
    • asset managers: hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital
    • distressed opportunity, activist, and special situation investors
    • private investors and family offices

He will include examples of actual cases that he has led (no names, of course!) where intelligence findings have specifically benefited investors, such as a case that hinged on finding 3 unexpected Maseratis.

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