Next generation, DDQ and risk platform built on automation, analytics and intelligence

The IMDDA Due Diligence Questionnaire is an investor developed, technology enabled, intelligent document that provides focused, applicable and relevant questions. The IMDDA DDQ is not a static document updated every few years – it is a fluid data collection process that adapts to constantly changing demands and needs of investor

IMDDA Telescope will remove the administrative burden of due diligence, saving users time and reducing risk

The IMDDA DDQ is powered by Telescope a state of the art technology that streamlines due diligence. IMDDA members enjoy the benefit of timely, accurate and frequently updated due diligence questionnaires, documents, meeting notes, scoring, year over year comparisons, and automatic government data collection all through a single portal.

Continuous Monitoring and Risk Profiling

IMDDA Telescope’s Risk Scoring Algorithm module empowers you to set risk scoring levels and alerts to proactively identify why and where a fund may be a higher risk. Allowing you to efficiently and accurately target potential risk.

Key features of IMDDA Telescope include:

  1. Customized risk scoring automatically updates a firm’s risk profile whenever a new submission occurs.
  2. Customize due diligence questions to include your own confidential questions or requirements, such as attestations.
  3. Historical data saved in perpetuity and easily available for review at any time.
  4. Instant year over year response comparison.
  5. Handles all logistics to contact each firm, collect responses, and request regular updates.
  6. Workflow information alerts automatically alerts team members to review their assigned data and tracks all steps of the due diligence process.
  7. Instantly notifies users whenever responders change answers to key questions (or any question) within their due diligence questionnaire.
  8. Interview management, with the ability to flag answers for follow-up.
  9. Automatic collection of public filings including Form ADV.
  10. Report creation with the press of a button.
  11. Centralized to provide access to all documents, assessments, issues and communications.

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